Solar Photos
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Here is an example of a solar photo through a Baader filter.  This photo was taken April 2, 2001 and includes the infamous sunspot #9393 (in the upper left corner), which threw out some very large flares and coronal mass ejections, creating some very pretty northern lights.
102mm SkyWatcher Scope with negative projection through a Nikon FM using Fuji 100, 1/125 sec

Another prime focus image of the sun taken Feb 2, 2002.  Settings not recorded.

This was my first good digital photo - Using a Casio QV-3000ex in hand-held afocal projection through my LX-90 with a 30mm Plossl.

 Partial solar eclipse with sunspot group 9733.  Note limb darkening and surface features near the limb in full sized photo.  LX-90 with f6.3 focal reducer and Orion glass solar filter, prime focus, Nikon FM, Fuji 800, 1/250 sec Dec 14, 2001.  I scanned the resulting photo and adjusted brightness and contrast.  No other processing was needed.  I'm amazed that I was able to catch limb darkening, surface granulation, and the sunspot structure in a single photo.

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