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I never seem to be happy with things as they are.  Even a good scope needs a few personalized changes.  I usually make changes to improve contrast, improve mobility, add functionality, or make it easier to use.   My usual site is fairly light polluted, so some of these modifications were needed to enjoy the sights.  I've categorized the mods by the scope, but many of these simple changes can apply to other scopes, too.  Click on the name of the scope for the page.

Meade LX-90 - Schmitt-Cassegrain

under construction:  Balance - Shelf - Transport - Power - 

Orion SkyQuest XT8 - Dobsonian reflector

Reduce stray light - Finders - Balance - Moving - Transport

SkyWatcher 102 & Celestron FS80wa - st refractors

Reduce reflected light - Finders - Collimation

Celestron TableTop76 - hybrid reflector

Finder - Mount - Moving - Transport

Solar Viewing

Meade LX90 - Orion SkyQuest XT8 - SkyWatcher 102
Celestron FS80wa - Celestron TT76 - "Fun Scopes"

Tripod Mods

Celestron CG-3 - SkyWatcher CG-5 - Orion AZ-3 - Meade LX90