Faces of the Moon

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Many cultures have moon myths related to images on the face of the moon.  We have a select few of these images highlighted below.  Click on the image to see a larger version.
NOTE:  Thanks to the large image size, these pages load slowly.  Please have patience, they are worth the wait.

Credits:  Moon photo - Russell Horn.  Image outlines - Tom Heisey
Here's the modern man in the moon. 
Some people have trouble seeing this one.
  Depending on the culture, this image is a man, a woman, or a queen.
 You can find several outlines in the hair that suggest a woman, and Tycho forms a pendant fit for a queen.  Many cultures have stories about this image.
Is he driving a chariot or an ox-cart?
This image is from the Middle East or Mediterranean cultures.
  Is it a man reading, praying, or drinking?  Make up your own mind.
This image may be European or American.
The Chinese say that an eclipse is caused by the frog eating the moon.
Rabbit   Hare
The Crab   Here's another modern image - A monster threatening a child.